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Water filters

Water making Bangladesh

Water, source of life

In a large part of the world people do not have access to clean drinking water. Although in many places sufficient water is available, it is often badly polluted and a source of diseases. Or water is so scarce that people need to walk for hours to get one bucket of water for their families, which is often very polluted.

Because of these problems diarrhoea, which ultimately results in dehydration, has been the number one cause of death in developing countries. To address this urgent problem in a fast growing world population, the need to find ways to provide pure, safe drinking water is greater than ever.


A solution within reach

AQUALogic is the brand name of a series of water filters developed by Innologic. These filters ar specially developed for personal purposes in underdeveloped and emergency situations. It can be used for aid and relief work, and when natural disasters occur. With these filters, polluted and contaminated surface water can be easily purified from chemical, organic and bacteriological pollutants.


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