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CS-SiphonAQUA Logic CS-Siphon drinking water filter 


The AQUA Logic CS-Siphon is the most simple drinking water filter that has ever been developed. This easy to use water filter provides safe drinking water in situations where there is no regular drinking water supply available. The filter is suitable for village people in developing countries or for disaster management and refugee camps.


This filter functions without additional chemicals and is made from high standard non-corrosive parts.
The filter medium consists of a sintered Activated Carbon. This Activated Carbon is made out of Coconut shell. By Carbonizing this organic material, a huge matrix of adsorbing material is created (1 gram of Activated Carbon has a adsorption surface of about 1000 m²). This material adsorbs bad taste, odor and color as well as chloride and other chemicals.
To the Activated Carbon small Silver partials (colloidal Silver) are bound. When Silver comes in contact with micro-organisms it will change their DNA structure which makes it impossible for them to multiply anymore. In that way micro-organisms like bacteria are turned harmless.

Although this filter medium has less bacterial retention (about 99%) than for instance the CCS-Mobile water filter, the advantage of this Carbon filter medium is the fact that it is almost unbreakable. This is important when used in remote areas and during local transportation etc.

Submersed in a bucket with (pre-filtered) water and placed at a higher level (about one and a half meter), the water will flow out of the bucket by gravitation, after sucking the water into the outlet hose.

Cleaning the CS-Siphon is very easy. Depending on the turbidity and contamination of the water source, the surface of the filter cartridge can be clocked up. By the aid of the integrated Cleaning-Pad, the filter surface can easily be brushed clean.